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Hunter and Bligh

California Burgers - In The Press - Hunter and Bligh

“A thick slice of American culture for late-night Melburnians on a Chapel Street crawl.”

Feed Blog Spot

California Burgers - In The Press - Feed Blog Spot

“Feeding late night punters along the Windsor end of Chapel Street is a quietly impressive casual restaurant, by the name of California Burgers. Looking nothing more than a take-away joint from the outside, take a step inside to realise that they are more than what they seem. Fresh salad ingredients and house-made sauces line the front glass cabinet, whilst mouthwatering souva meat is seen being cooked on a metal skewer over a charcoal pit.”

Beat Magazine

California Burgers - In The Press - Beat Magazine

“It’s a pretty simple idea. Bread, spreads, pickles, two slices of tomato, lettuce, an onion ring, smashed patty, cheese. Melburnians are going crazy for American-style burger joints, and Greek-Australian Theo Tzavaras, founder of California Burgers in Windsor, is the craziest of them all.”

The Urban List

“It’s 3am on Saturday morning in Windsor. You’ve just spent the night doing awful dance moves at Revs or Poof Doof and you’re craving something fried and unhealthy and utterly delicious. Where do you go?”

Hospitality Magazine

California Burgers - In The Press - Hospitality Magazine

“Founder Theo Tzavaras started California Burgers in 2009, taking inspiration from LA’s cult-like burger bars such as In-N-Out Burger, food trucks and the vibrant food cultures.

After many years of trial and error, planning, recipe development and perfecting the menu, California Burgers was launched in 2009 as a secret menu in Theo’s souvlaki shop.”

Eat Drink Play

California Burgers - In The Press - Eat Drink Play

“California dreamin’ no more – get a taste of L.A right on Chapel Street as California Burgers serves up burgers fit for an A-lister.”

Concrete Playground

California Burgers - In The Press - Concrete Playground

“Chances are, you wrapped your mouth around one of Theo Tzavaras’ California Burgers creations long before they found their current home on Chapel Street. After all, the USA-inspired eats have been winning fans since way back in 2009, when they first starred on a secret menu at Tzavaras’ souvlaki shop. But now — with proper digs to its name — the California Burgers concept remains the same: fresh LA-style burgers that you’ll remember long after the last bite.”

Experience OZ

California Burgers - In The Press - Experience OZ

“A totally Instagrammable burger joint (you’ll be hashtagging #californiaburgersmelb from the moment your food arrives), California Burgers has brought the West Coast of America to the south coast of Australia and we are forever grateful. Cooking up some California-inspired burgers set to make your mouth water, you’ll find the likes of beef, fried chicken and turkey burgers in the form of The Malibu Burger, The Calabasas and The L.A.X Burger.”

Uber Eats

California Burgers - In The Press - Uber Eats

“Founder Theo Tzavaras has travelled extensively through California. Hence, the name, and the west coast-inspired menu. It’s all about quality here, with most things made in-house. The buns are fresh, the beef patties are hand smashed, and the special Pink Mayo is homemade. We like the spicy chicken Compton Burger and the epic Muscle Beach Burger with quadruple beef and cheese. Complete your meal with a serve of cheesy American fries, and a soft taco or two if you’re super hungry.”

The AU Review

California Burgers - In The Press - AU Review

“In Melbourne’s suburb of Windsor, a small burger spot called California Burgers (42 Chapel Street) has been perfecting their own take for years. The location has been a beloved souvlaki spot on Windsor’s iconic Chapel Street since the 1970s, and when the current owners took over in 2009, while they continued operating it as a souvlaki, starting a secret burger menu on the side, infused by their love of their eventual namesake.”


California Burgers - In The Press - The-F

“For foodies who have been fortunate enough to travel to LA, you know that the first meal will usually be something typically American and fried like a burger and fries.For those who are yet to travel to LA for either, look no further than Chapel St’s very own California Burgers for the hit you’re looking for of burger goodness.
California Burgers is not your usual ‘hole-in-the-wall’ burger joint, but rather something you would only see in LA. In Melbourne.”

Suzie Scribbles

“I love California Burgers late opening hours, but I think if you only visit this place after midnight you’re doing them an injustice to how great the burgers are!”